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Beautiful women with sexy abs. All images were either re-blogged or taken from the public internet. Thanks to all who share my interests. If you like this page, please check out my other blogs Main Page: Everything I Find Sexy About...

I've followed her for years & suspected that she had an eating disorder, but I thought she was creative with her recipes, and she seemed like a genuionly nice person. In last few months she has gone through some major changes in her life & has dealt with it with such class. I am so impressed w/her she has even admitted to having an E.D. Keep up the good work @Taralynn McNitt Enjoy your new place in NC & I can't wait to try some of your new recipes and see your new photos!

Ever wonder what you should eat after a workout for the best results? Well here’s a chart I made just for you! Feel free to be the first one to pin this on Pinterest :) (via What to eat after you work out?)