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Panna Cotta Passion

Panna Cotta Passion

coconut panna cotta and vanilla fig syrup (dairy free recipe)

Coconut Panna Cotta Recipe ounce can coconut milk ¼ cup coconut sugar 2 inch piece of vanilla bean, scraped 1 ¾ teaspoons powdered gelatin 2 Tablespoons cold water Vanilla Fig Syrup Fresh Ripe Figs [adorable garnish]

The Best Recipes to Help You Eat Healthier

11 Gorgeous and Nutrient-Packed Pomegranate Recipes: Chia-Pomegranate Pudding (use almond/coconut milk instead)

Sweet corn cakes with tomato avocado relish and homemade blackberry buttermilk icecream!! This website has really yummy recipes that can be made as is or tweaked to keep them healthier!!!!

Blackberry Brown Sugar Buttermilk Ice Cream-A perfect swirl of smooth and tart blackberry sauce ripples through sweet buttermilk ice cream and together, the two blend beautifully.

EASY peach frozen yogurt I bet coconut milk would work in place of the yogurt!

5-Minute Healthy Peach Frozen Yogurt

5 Minute Peach Frozen Yogurt: frozen peaches, plain yogurt, honey, & a little lemon juice. This sounds healthy.

Mini apple pies -- awesome thanksgiving idea!! - Click image to find more Food  Drink Pinterest pins

Mini apple pies… on my list of things to make! what an easy way to set up pies for a holiday! Set up mini pies in a buffet Mini apple…

Vanilla Ice Cream with OIive Oil and Sea Salt

Vanilla Ice Cream with OIive Oil and Sea Salt

Vanilla Ice Cream with Olive Oil and Sea Salt. The Salt makes the ice cream taste creamier and the olive oil adds a bunch of earthiness. This is one of hte wilder things that I want to try.

Amazing Creme Carmel.    scious Spring Dessert Recipes | Midwest Living

Amazing Creme Caramel Try our version of flan, a Latin dessert. Citrus peel and cinnamon are steeped with the milk to add a unique flavor.

Delicious and simple recipe for Homemade Caramel Espresso Flan. Creamy, sweet and satisfying dessert.

Simple recipe for Caramel Espresso Flan. remember to heat the milk over medium low before slowly adding to eggs.