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This is the best! Figurative language examples from lots of different movies, with a little quiz at the end!

Great mini videos each with their own list of suggested guiding questions and writing tasks. Built for elementary school but by changing the questions could be used in middle school.

Beginning of the year: lesson on teamwork. Have the kiddos watch video and discuss what the animals were doing and how they used teamwork to reach their goal.

from thedabblingspeechie

Using "Elf" movie clips in speech therapy

social skills: expected vs unexpected behavior

Dollar Over - Special Education task box

from Kayla Blogs

Inside Out: Why A Kids' Movie Made Me So Emotional

Inside Out Video Clips to teach feelings and emotions

from SellfishCat


Hyperboles, might need to skip some examples for younger kids... but good!

I have been working hard to add some new social language videos to my Pinterest board and came across a YouTube channel, LAHWF, by Andrew Hales.  He is a twenty something  guy out of Utah, who star…

from YouTube

The only way you will ever need to teach theme

▶ The only way you will ever need to teach theme - YouTube