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from The Mighty

28 People With Chronic Illness Explain What ‘Brain Fog’ Feels Like to Them

For me it's like rising extra early, working a full day till very late, driving home an hour in traffic, taking a sleeping pill, then, after all that, being expected to stay awake and focused and not think everything is too much effort...



Lyme disease mimics many other illnesses

the social life of someone with chronic lyme disease

Suffered Long Enough What happens when a mainstream doctor gets ME/CFS/Fibro/Lyme disease? This. "Dr Rawls went through the usual hoops with mainstream medicine and tried out various drugs to help ease his symptoms, but he became frustrated with the mainstream’s lack of interest in finding the root cause of his poor health and decided to embark on his own journey of discovery with the aim of not only healing himself, but helping others to heal from chronic fatiguing conditions."

The relationship between MS, Parkinsons, Lyme, ALS, Fibro, Chronic Fatigue, Alzheimers and other invisible illnesses.

Fatigue Chronic, Lyme Disease and Fybromyalgia is where I need to live with since 3/4 og my life

Brain fog.....and no, I'm not making that up! It's real and I live with it every day!

from Fed Up with Fatigue

It may not be "just fibro"

Last month, I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. My doctor says my fibromyalgia symptoms may actually be caused by Lyme. I wanted to share my story because I'm sure there are many others in the fibro community who have undiagnosed Lyme. Sometimes it’s not “just fibro.”

from The Mighty

18 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Live With Chronic Illness

Sometimes a little laughter goes a long way.