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iFlash® Four USB Port Home/Wall Charger for Apple iPad, iPhone iPhone iPod Touch Nano Support all iPad, iPod, iPhone Models. Also Support Samsung Galaxy, Motolola Droid, HTC Smart Phones, Amazon Kindle. (White Color, Retail Package)

21 Products You'll Want If You Love Being Fancy

Let your home have as much fun as you this Summer by updating your interior design to match the season's vibrant, playful vibe. Don't worry, you don't have to completely overhaul your space; simply swap out a few key pieces of decor to give your abode an

19 Conveniently Portable Items That Will Change Your Life

Bathtime anytime! This portable inflatable bathtub fills up for sudsing up in front of the TV, outside the RV, even on the lake. Because, yes, it also floats. And with a zip-up top cover to keep the water warm, built-in cup holder to keep you hydrated

12 Must-Have Tech Essentials For Every Girl On-The-Go

Tapping into another season of fringe and fashion, Belkin's subtle USB cable keychain doubles as the perfect add-on to your bag as well as a power charge for your phone.