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Jack Kerourac Postcard

Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that Goddam mountain.

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Love quotes of falling in love warm our hearts and fill our souls. Our ever entwining souls that were always bound to meet in joy and love and expand together through the grandest adventure of all. To read more stories of ever expanding love, open up

For goodness sake. Stop it! Stop looking in the mirror & seeing flaws. Force yourself to think differently, to celebrate your unique you. Esp. if you have daughters - self-acceptance & self-love are taught by mothers to their children. As are the reverse.

I'm actually gonna shove this in the face of all those people asking me shitty questions once I'm at least moderately famous. This is not Narcicism, this is Optimism, and it's how the nut got to the oak... or something. I suck at analogies gimme' a break.

This is tough for me cause I have lots of passions, from playing sports (swimming, ice skating, running, and probably surfing if I learned how to), to playing music, and surfing the internet. So now what is my purpose? I feel very lost!!

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Photo (The Good Vibe)

My terms is mine. Listen...its mine. Don't come to my space and tell me its wrong. NO! Don't you dare take control over me, you will fail. Im not below you nor above you, im near you. You.... You just can't see me clearly and just a blurry image.

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Morning coffee (39 photos)

Images of art, design, fashion and fancy. 20 images of the same tone or color in a row. over and over and over again. Straight from a modern mother in the fine city of Portland, OR. Check out my other blog art,fashion and interior design Find me on...

stay strong even when your day is filled with anger, fighting, sadness, and even when some idiot on Craigslist uses your phone number for weird perverted shit and you get a bunch of unwanted nudes texted to you.. YES THAT WAS MY DAY LOL :,D