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Fell in love with these colors and wanted to make a simple yet versatile wrap. Worked in a very loose moss stitch and with just a hint of sparkle so it can be dressed up or down.

History Inspired Knitting Patterns

Knitting pattern for A Sensible Shawl that wraps around front and ties in back and more historically inspired knitting patterns

For the Stealth Geek -- "Bigger on the Inside" -- a tasteful little Tardis lace shawlette, suitable for professional office wear. free on Knitty.

Capelet Knitting Patterns

Knitting Pattern for Calypso Cowlet - This easy openwork design can be worn two ways — as a lovely, open capelet, or slouched up as a generous cowl.

Shaped Capelet with Braided Cables pattern by Erica Patberg

from the interweave knit.wear first issue:

FREE Knitting Pattern for this FOX SCARF. Women & kids sizes