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Tony hypes everyone on the team but himself. For the most arrogant guy ever (Stark Expo?) he gets that this is a team effort. Which says a lot about why it's Caprain America: Civil War

New Avengers: Age Of Ultron Funko Pops Hint At Changes For The Hulk Avengers fans, listen up! We’ve got some potentially spoiler-y news for you about a possible change that could occur for a Marvel character in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. We also have your first look at the Funko Pop! figures for the film. Read more at http://nerdapproved.com/toys/new-avengers-age-of-ultron-funko-pops-hint-at-changes-for-the-hulk/#KwOemRQs28Bw75J2.99

Mystery Minis – April

In recent times, Funko Pops have been taking the world of vinyls by storm. They have been able to generate mass appeal, and gamers can’t seem to get enough of t

We have a hulk. Haha!  One of my favorite lines right there!

Avengers & Loki<<<They should have put a picture of both Natasha AND Clint together

Except Thor is not a demi-god. He is the Norse god of thunder, both his parents are full godly beings in mythology. A Demi-god is a creature that had ONE human parent and ONE godly parent. Just saying.<---technically he's an alien from another dimension, just sayin'

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Avengers. This reminds me of a science class I took in college. "Name a way time travel may be possible." I knew the answer was wormhole, but couldn't resist writing flux capacitor. The teacher was confounded the following class by how many people put flux capacitor, because she didn't know what it was...

Totally worth it…

This kid wins at life. Loki: I have an army Iron Man: We have a Hulk The Avengers

You Have An Army But We Have A Hulk...Hahaha

Loki’s army… he's not the most attractive guy.but I still thought this was kinda funny <-- what do you mean, he's not the most attractive guy? he's up there, at least, in my book. <-- not the most attractive guy? What is wrong with the world?

Idk where to pin this to.. But this seems like the perfect board for something as awesome as this!

Loki: i have an army Tony: we have a hulk Optimus: i have a bad aft dinobot