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Colossi and Sphinx at Wadi es-Sebua, Nubia, circa

Colossi and Sphinx at Wadi es-Sebua, Nubia, circa 1857. via Archaeoart on Tumblr.

Nubia, Sudan: the pyramids that pre-date the Egyptian pyramids . (Sudan - the black pharaohs by Retlaw Snellac, via Flickr)

Volubilis (وليلي)

Volubilis, Maroc (Morocco). UNESCO World Heritage Site - Roman Archaeological Site of Volubilis in Morocco

Roman paintings in ancient Pompeii. The so-called Sappho girl. This famous miniature, discovered in June 1760, has remained one of the most famous female portraits from Pompeii. It has the air of gracious refinement that surrounds this girl, caught in a moment of meditation before putting pen to paper. Archaeological Museum, Naples, Italy

Musician with tympanon,detail of a Roman mosaic, Villa del Cicerone, Pompeii by Asoka: Buddhism from Asia to Scandinavia, via Flickr