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LDS young women theme for 2016. This printable booklet has over 120 ways to apply the theme "Press forward with a steadfastness in Christ" every single day. Such a great (and cute) idea! #2016mutualtheme

Beginner Tips for Young Women Leaders

We were all a brand-new young women leader at some point. We all started out with little experience and had to learn and grow a lot before we got good at it. We’re also all in different places in our development as leaders. I wanted to put some tips together for those who are just … … Continue reading →

Fun Party Balloon DIYs

Simple ways to take your party balloon to the next level!

YW personal progress - Good to know for an activity night! The girls will be more encouraged to do personal progress if they can have some help getting it done along the way.

Young Women Personal Progress Workshop

Daylights: Young Women Personal Progress Workshop. Great idea lots of help with planning.