Do you have little, little kids, ages 3-12? Consider this unique picture Bible. Most picture Bibles have lots of words and not many pictures. We've reversed that. This one has hundreds of pictures and not many words. It covers every story and every book, and all of every story. A simple narrative holds things together. Use the pause button, and you instantly have a digital-age flannelgraph of 1500 pictures, complete with maps, charts and timelines. 2 hrs. Eng. Sp. with subtitles

HOME BIBLE STUDY: The great thing about using the Show & Tell Bible for home studies, is that all ages, from 3-90 will benefit from the pictures and narration. Some parents use it as a reward, as children are eager to watch it. The entire family can watch a story, then start again and pause at each picture. They have children who can read, read the scripture that accompanies it. Others have the older children read from the Bible, while the younger ones watch the DVD story again.

A picture from one of the coloring books. Faithful Abraham ready to sacrifice Isaac, who was at least a teenager when this happened.

Stephanie S. said: To display student work and simultaneously keep them in chronological order for a portfolio! I learned this from my amazing cooperating teacher back in student teaching and I think it's the best thing since sliced bread! What you do: Buy curtain hooks from bed bath and beyond. Take a file folder or decorative cardstock and staple one for each student onto a bulletin board. Make little name plates to place somewhere near the edge of the space then slide three curtain hooks…

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