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Which 'Harry Potter' Movie Best Describes You?

Words can't express my love of Hermione's hair in this scene. It's bushy like it's meant to be, but still gorgeous. This is how I picture her all the time.

23 Signs You Are Hermione Granger

Emma Watson & Daniel Radcliffe High Five-ing after a scene well done-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows | Actually one of the cutest things ever.

Are You Harry Potter?

Emma watson saw this little guy on halloween. This was her response: Excuse me, are you Harry Potter That’s great, because I’m Hermione Granger and we’re best friends'' the little gy itself dont know it yet, bet when he looks at this picture later......

Too Young, No way. (harry potter,funny,ron weasley,hermione granger,best friends,movie,books,jk rowling,emma watson,daniel radcliffe)