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Ted Cruz has heaped praise on Pierson, calling her: "An utterly fearless principled conservative" and Cruz praised Pierson with good reason. You see, Katrina Pierson was one of the leading campaigners for Ted Cruz, helping him to get elected to the U.S. Senate. Here's a photo of the two of them on the campaign trail together in 2012.

Pat Smith appeared on Fox News and got the chance to speak - for the very first time - to the security personnel who defied "stand down" orders and tried to save her son. It's Time For The Truth To Be Told About Benghazi!

Fox News reports that a shocking political upset may be in the making. Democrat Senator Dick Durbin is the #2-ranked Democrat in the U.S. Senate, and the top associate of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

On New Years Eve we ran our ads in key swing markets in Nevada - minutes before the ball dropped in Times Square! Here is Lloyd Marcus as one of our ads aired on TV in Nevada during the New Years Eve countdown broadcast. It's time for us to fight back with our own message: that ObamaCare is wrong, millions of Americans have been hurt by this disastrous healthcare scheme, and Ted Cruz and Republicans in Congress were right to do everything in their power to stop it.

It was bad enough to see how Hillary Clinton's failures as Secretary of State hurt America's standing in the world and empowered our enemies, but now Hillary Clinton is doubling down on her disastrous record and has come out calling for Democrats to enthusiastically support Barack Obama's disastrous Iran nuclear bomb deal.

Nearly seven years after it applied to the IRS for nonprofit status, the Albuquerque Tea Party has finally been given a decision: Denied.

Every day you see Fox News analysts talking about important Senate races in Louisiana, Arkansas, Michigan, Iowa - even Kanasas now. But there's one race that is becoming one of the most important races in the country: the U.S. Senate race in Alaska.

Pierson has been an advocate for conservative policies and challenged the establishment of both the Republican and Democrat parties. You've no doubt seen her on Fox News Channel fighting for the conservative movement. That's why she has been endorsed by Sarah Palin, Tea Party Express, FreedomWorks, the conservative SHE-PAC organiazation, Michelle Malkin, Rafael Cruz (Ted Cruz's father), Joe The Plumber and now by our organization, the Conservative Campaign Committee.

"Time to Put the Adults back in Charge of America" from Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama opposes the president. 10/16/12