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Not everyone is going to want, accept or know how to receive your energy. Make Peace with that and Keep on. Move Forward. Amen. Love this Quote! #Quotes #Words #Sayings #Life #Inspiration

It is such a shame that we dwell on these which in turn cause us to have health issues and other problems that diminish our quality of life . I don't know if you have ever thought about this but to me , it is not LIVING , it is COPING or SURVIVING. Very sad as you have nothing to look forward to the next day. I believe in trying to stay positive but in my case I'm losing the battle. I would still like to volunteer for the Vets when I can as I feel that is where my heart is. I don't know…

Waiting to feel better, waiting for a good day, holding onto the good day and waiting for tomorrow, always waiting for something to happen. Its going to happen. That thing will happen, so I'm not waiting anymore. I will rest but get back up and not wait!

"Like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would"

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