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designed for performance and trick cycling, the electric bike offers the highest output of any production electric model. in addition, an electric control system can stabilize the rider when doing wheelies and other stunts.

How You Make a Hovercraft An Object Of Lust

How You Make a Hovercraft An Object Of Lust... The Mercier-Jones hovercraft takes design cues from modern Lamborghinis, the Bugatti Veyron, and even the Audi R8. A new directional control system makes the hovercraft as easy to drive as a car. And with a hybrid drivetrain using a gas engine to power a series of electric fans. They don't have a definitive ETA on when the hovercraft will be available for sale, though the company's hopeful it can produce a base model with a price tag under…

CES 2014: Toyota's Three-Wheeled Car From The Future [Video] | Popular Science -

Audi e-bike breaks speed limits

Audi e-bike uses a smartphone for its electronic control system