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2006 Ford Reflex Concept - 2006 Ford Reflex Concept Wallpaper Conceptcarz Ford reflex concept auto shows car driver Ford reflex concept 2006 detroit auto purely a conceptcheck out those scissor doors and solar panelsthe reflex shows that ford hasnt completely forgotten. Ford reflex concept photos 2006 chicago auto show Reflex attempts to demonstrate that small can be sporty fun practical and profitable in much the same way that last years boxy synus trucklet tried to prove that…

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Cars of Futures Past – Ford Model T

“If you need a machine and don’t buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it.” — Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, and sponsor of the development of the assembly line technique of mass production.

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This Forgotten Car Should Have Been Chrysler's Corvette

What if I told you Chrysler had a modern two-seater sports car pretty much ready for production right at the time when the first Chevrolet Corvette came out, and a year before Ford introduced their record-selling Thunderbird? Well, I'm telling you that now.

1929 Ford Roadster Pickup - Ala Kart, restyled by Barris Kustoms. One of my earliest exposures to Hot Rods & Kustoms was through 1/24th scale construction kits. I built a model of this car in the late 60s from an AMT kit. Famously this car caught fire in 1963, but has now been restored to be just as good as when originally constructed.

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5 Cars Automakers Hope You Forgot About

The car industry has produced some pretty fantastic vehicles in its 100+ years in business. But during that same time, car companies also had some awful disasters or just plain duds. Cars that they hope you’ve forgotten about and never mention again. The Chrysler Airflow is one such car. While it was decades ahead of its time, people weren’t ready for its controversial styling. The Yugo is considered a horrendous attempt to bring a low cost car to the U.S. Visit eBay for 5 utter car…

**********PLEASE READ********** This adorable little girls name is Brook Mathisen. She unfortunately died on May 16 2016 in a car accident. The incident happened about 3:30 p.m. near mile marker 52 on Interstate 84, when a Toyota Camry driven by Brook's mom, collided with a Ford Freestyle that was stopped due to construction. Please keep Brook in ur prays and always pay attention on the road. She will never be forgotten