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A mid Cretaceous assassin fly, Burmapogon bruckschi, male. Image credit: David Grimaldi. Burmese amber, earliest Cenomanian. Length less than 2.5 cm. Assassin flies are named for their fierce predation strategy, ambushing and catching their prey in flight and the piercing it with their mouthparts.

Оса в янтаре. Попалась 90 миллионов лет назад. Google+

Baltic Amber Biting Midge Swarm Name: Fossil Amber Insects: Diptera, Family Ceratopogonidae Age: Upper Eocene - Lower Oligocene Size: (25.4mm=1 inch): Amber: 29 mm long , 17 mm across , 3.2 grams. Inclusions: 1mm Location: Kaliningrad District, Russia