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Andrea Lauren (@inkprintrepeat) | Spent some time yesterday carving a repeating pattern design into a linoleum block and printing it by hand; so much fun to continue connecting with traditional methods! Working on developing this beetles design digitally into my spoonflower contest entry this week! | Intagme - The Best Instagram Widget

archatlas: The Art of Hiroshi Yoshida Hiroshi Yoshida was a 20th-century Japanese painter and woodblock printmaker. He is regarded as one of the greatest artists of the shin-hanga style, and is noted especially for his excellent landscape prints. Yoshida travelled widely, and was particularly known for his images of non-Japanese subjects done in traditional Japanese woodblock style. (via archatlas)

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Gyotaku is a unique form of printing that uses freshly caught fish, plants and other aquatic life, to create realistic imprints on cloth or paper. Maybe not with fish tho ...

'Another Night' (2004) by Japanese artist & printmaker Hidehiko Gotou (b.1953). Color woodblock, edition of 50,33 x 25 cm. via on the cutting edge

Laurel Birch Cat Prints Children experienced the beautiful work of Laurel Birch through color, simplicity and geometric accents. They also learned the process of printmaking with Styrofoam etchings and block ink and tools like the brayer which is a hard rubber roller used in traditional fine art printmaking.