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The amazing Betty White | Memez.com

Funny pictures about Why Betty White Is Awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Why Betty White Is Awesome. Also, Why Betty White Is Awesome photos.

*muffled scream*

According to my web design teacher, the biggest problem with this poster is the fact that it's in Comic Sans

¡Vi Suicide Squad! Sus personajes de peor a mejor

I dont know why I laughed so hard at this!!! hahahaha I can't stop...

The 30 Best Celebrity Name Puns

Funny Pictures of The Day | http://funnypictures247.com

This is so funny! Aside from the shoulders, Justin with taylors face actually looks like a really pretty girl haha.

or a demonic ritual of sacrifice cuz they think Dean and Sam are coming so they kill they're most valuable :)

This makes me so fucking happy eep omigosh I fucking love snails so much<< I have a phobia of snails. I am so fucking scared of them, and once I ran across the other side of the street because they freaked me out so much. No snails.

The best little random factoid. Brightened my day a little.:

33 Facts to be happy about ¦ this actually made me smile and brightened up my day a bit :)

Face-swapping Disney characters… These make me very uncomfortable

Face-swapping Disney characters…

Funny pictures about Face-swapping Disney characters. Oh, and cool pics about Face-swapping Disney characters. Also, Face-swapping Disney characters.


Funny pictures about You now have super powers. Oh, and cool pics about You now have super powers. Also, You now have super powers.