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"In remembrance of the animal victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Among them are the K-9 bomb-detecting dog, Sirius, assigned to the World Trade Center, at least 3 search and rescue dogs who perished while performing their jobs, & the companion animals of the missing, dead, & displaced. Concern for the lives of animals in no way diminishes our feelings for the lives of the people affected by this tragedy, who remain in our thoughts and prayers." -Four Paws in

#JudgeLarryMitchell lets Justice murderers off light due to a technicality. If you are a registered Democrat in Dallas, remember this when #JudgeLarryMitchell comes up for re-election

UNTIL THEIR ARE CONSEQUENCES THIS WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN....Cindy Boling fights back tears as she speaks of her recently deceased dog. He literally has ripped our hearts out, she said.

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Are you being burnt out by too much fame and pressure? Here's how to take your life back.

Coyotes are not new neighbors of ours in IL! The long soulful howl of the wolf is like an opera singer and the yips and yaps of the coyote are like rap singers, according to professor Stanley Gehrt, a senior scientist at the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation in Dundee.