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Opening this Saturday is the Supersonic 6th annual invitational bought to you by Spoke Art and curated by popular art blogger Zach Tutor! Artwork: Soey Milk

1 Peter 4:9 Tea and hospitality watercolor painting - Bible art journaling by @peggythibodeau

René Lalique - A rare Art Deco moulded and patinated glass pendant. Mould No.1450. Model created in 1920, illustrated in the 1928 catalogue, deleted from the catalogue in 1930, and not produced after 1947. Length 5.2cm. #Lalique #ArtDeco #pendant

Bible Journaling by

Bible art journaling. I used the idea of another artist on Instagram with her permission. Too good to pass up. When I think about the nails that pierced his hands, it makes me want to cringe. We have so much to be thankful for. @Peggy Thibodeau

Try a Prayer Journaling Bible & LinkUp

Basically this is a Bible that has a wider margin where you can take notes, however there are some ladies who have taken this idea to a new level and are basically art journaling in their Bibles. Description from I searched for this on

Bible Journaling. I probably drooled over several hundred of these in the past year, but I finally buckled and bought myself one! I bought it, got it home, opened it up and just thought to myself, "where do I start?" And I figure that's a question for many people when they look at the Bible. Where do you start..? Well, where better to start than the beginning. God created the universe, and it was good. #Genesis #biblejournaling #BibleTime #sunday #paint #painting #watercolor…