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a few wks. ago a newbie asked what the letter "x" meant in front of the word: lemons... I could only imagine his face if I typed this in hahaha

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26 Things That Piss Off Your Waitress

Yeah, I did this a few times. 'Cause, ya know, I'll totally make the rest of the restaurant uncomfortable to please your dumb butt!

I don't work in a restaurant any more but this is making me crazy just reading this. I was the server that would put their super hot plate of food on top of their silver ware.

The server life... awkward. Hahaha

Sometimes I apologize, sometimes

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The 17 Worst People Every Waiter Will Inevitably Serve

Server humor ;) oh my goodness I cant stop laughing. Hahah oh how I love working in the restaurant business.@wmraesner @kailarenee17

OMG this is perfect! How much do I NOT miss doing that shit for a living? Three guesses... :)

Gives me that much needed minute to get shit done and then come back to take their order.

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20 Soul-Crushing Moments Every Server Dreads

20 Soul-Crushing Moments Every Server Dreads... It's true.