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Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, and Narnia. Always.

Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Narnia. Just not Percy Jackson movies, but books, yes

Whenever I see things like this I want to cry because I am so emotionally attached to characters in books.

Fall Out boy: "Centuries". Book series: The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent, Harry Potter

30 Funny Hunger Games Quotes #Funny #Hunger Games

30 Funny Hunger Games Quotes

I see booktubers dropping their books frequently and they are like WHATeveR And i'm here dying for that book on the ground.

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Don't waste space on a bedroom, just put a bed in the middle of the library

13 Contradictions Only True Book Lovers Understand

13 Contradictions Only True Book Lovers Understand

And also, ur crying for someone who doesnt exist when u should be caring for someone in ur actual life

#wattpad #humor (Part 2 is called Fandom's Unite 2) A book that has humorous quotes about multiple fandoms, and things that will just have you saying... "So... Freaking... True..." This book is what I like to call: 'Fandoms United', a place where you can ship and fangirl whenever your heart desires! Let the fando...

Fandoms Unite - Book That Splatters Blood

I could look at this all day!

Im not a true divergent fan (I only read the first book) nor am I a fault in our stars fan (read the book but I don't like romance film's/books BUT can someone get me a hunger games contact lense

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Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Mortal Instruments and the Hunger Games crossover poor gale.