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Spamano - Romano's Diary

hetalia dear diary | Dear diary, NO PRUSSIA THE FANDOM WILL NEVER DIE! <== BRUH WAS THIS NEEDED?!?!?!??!

Well, America wasn't a nation for a long time, and neither was Canada. So we can only assume that Sealand is going to become a nation someday.

This would be the hottest thing I've ever read. If it wasn't for that "SPAINISH" little detail... ene

((This did happen. And after he watched her burn, he completely lost it and killed all those who had helped to bring about her death. That's why he's so protective of Eliza. Because he doesn't want to lose her like he lost his first love.)) << HOLY SHIET

Turkey remembers Italy back then. Seriously though why do people criticize Italy I mean he kicked Turkey's ass back then.

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55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic

Dear Diary! oh the 90's... the password I use till this day is the same as when I needed one for this gadget!

Hetalia - Alfred F. Jones Diary Log "My citizens are the only ones that will love me." There are some that hate America and live here, but those of us that are faithful to our beloved country would be more than happy to kick some asses over the border. :3