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NEW Blue Norwex Dish Cloth • Loosely woven, netted Dish Cloth is used anywhere scrubbing action is required. • Doesn't harbor germs, odors or food particles. • Net-like texture works wonderfully to remove caked-on food and sticky substances from dishes and counters. • Available in blue and white.

Choose the Norwex netted dish cloth! It seems so simple, but the Norwex Dish Cloth is an awesome (and affordable!) addition to your kitchen. It is a loosely woven white or blue nylon netted cloth. This means it dries quickly and will not absorb grease or odor, and can't harbor bacteria like sponges. Use it to wash dishes, wipe up counter messes (especially great with flour and similar spills), soap scum removal, cleaning veggies, and more. I love it on my cast iron (especially scrambled…

Holiday Gifting! Norwex Dishwashing Liquid and Norwex Dish Cloth. The perfect combination for cleaning up stuck on holiday casserole baking! Norwex Gift Ideas!

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