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This amazing anime love-action story was also created by Hayao Miyukai, and this is his third best known movie ever created.

Totoro scarecrow? He might keep the crows away (even with that cute grin!) but be prepared to attract a lot of soot sprites instead...

Spirited Away playing at the local theater May 24th This happens during the first phase of the story when Frank and Belka aren't talking. He tries to call during the movie, but she's silenced her phone. After the film, she makes a comment over coffee that he tried calling her twelve times already today. Her friends are surprised and they chat it over.

A fanart I made based on Studio Ghibli, Inc. / Hayao Miyazakis original characters! All in pure vector goodness! :) See the full project here on my Behance gallery."LETS FLY!" made via Ai©kumaoso