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Inflammation Causing Hypertension: A New Concept Reviewed

Inflammation causes heart disease. Inflammation is caused by our food choices.

Help put an end to inflammation in the body with these foods. Inflammation is the start of many diseases...

Obesity and Hypertension Linked to Hypothalamic IKK-Beta and NF-KappaB

Lifetime Adversity Is Associated With Inflammation and Elevated CRP Levels

New research shows apples may reduce cholesterol and inflammation

Sleep deprivation and inflammation

Cytokines Driving Sympathetic Nervous System Activation in the Subfornical Organ: Implications for Heart Failure and Hypertension

Is Inflammation, Not LDL Cholesterol, the Real Culprit Behind Heart Disease?

Top 10 Inflammatory Foods to Avoid Like the Plague (with great substitute suggestions). Inflammation is the root cause of obesity and disease. The good news is that inflammation can be controlled by simply altering our diet alone. For example, did you know that Cooking meat at lower levels of heat makes it far less inflammatory?