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#review ✨✨ @tambalak ・・・ A lil twist on the usual #transformationtuesday post! Today I snuck in to the #hairsalon with greasy unwashed hair in a top knot with grey hairs sticking out everywhere!! With the magic of my girl @hairbykbez I came out feeling fresh & blonde & pretty again!! She seriously rocks my world every time!!! Thanks again @beezle_juice!!! ❤️#blonde #besthairstylist #besthairsalon #yeg #jigsawforhair @jigsawforhair #blondehair #yeghairstylist

That moment when your hair matches your hair and u have t change one or the other

Can we all just admit that Kim possible.was the one who got the romantic teenager idea into our heads as children?

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23 Sneaky Life Hacks To Help You Win Life

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I'm just too punk rock for this. *flips hair back*

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17 Issues Only Anime Fans Can Relate To

Yeah I wish I lived in an anime or manga,it would be fun as hell lol

Patti Smith, one of the coolest women alive.



Colin O'Donoghue Captain Hook Once Upon A Time. I think I just have a thing for pirates.

I seriously just don't have words to explain the extremity of the love I have for this man...