Peg with kneeling male Period: Early Dynastic Date: ca. 2900–2350 B.C. Geography: Mesopotamia Culture: Sumerian

This 1,348-foot-long and three-foot-high prehistoric effigy mound along Ohio Brush Creek in Adams County continues to marvel locals and visitors alike. It is one of the most impressive earthworks in North America, constructed in the shape of a snake. It was built around 1000 A.D. by the Fort Ancient culture and likely used as a place of ceremony.

Ancient alien theory~ many ancient cultures believe our ancestors were "star people" who came to Earth from specific stars, some so distant that we are now only beginning to recently discover their existence. izapa-stela-11.jpg (410×590)

Nephilim Fingerprints & Footprints- Solid Proof the Pyramids Were Built By Giants! History at Its Finest (VIDEO) | Prophecy

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