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"Real peace is unconditional. It doesn’t care who did what to whom. It doesn’t depend on us being comfortable. It doesn’t rely on feelings and it doesn’t come just when it’s easy and then go racing out the door when the going gets tough. When we can look at friend or foe and respect them unconditionally, we can create a reality of peace."

Happy Chuseok (also Mooncake Festival, Tsukimi, and Tet Trung Thu)! It’s thanksgiving in Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam this weekend and I hope you’re having a great one! Inspired by and dedicated to Studio Mir, w/o whom LoK wouldn’t be as awesome.

bicycling with a miniature orange tree in Hanoi, VIetnam | Conde Nast Traveler (en espanol) via Corbis

Traditional custom of “Li Xi” on Tet in Vietnam