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Explore Wellness Questions, You Ll Find and more!

Listen in as Dr. Mike provides the answers to a wealth of health and wellness questions. Here you'll find the answers to a wealth of health and wellne...

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8 Ways to Work Your Foam Roller

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Positive self-talk. On the way to overcoming negative thinking. (Infographic only) [[many is the time I have had to slow down, stop, and ask, "What is it I need? What is it that I want?" and when I can answer neither question, that's when I know I'm in trouble ...]] | rePinned by

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20 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself

Do you want to know yourself better? Understand where you are in your life and where you would like to be going? These 20 questions will give you an excellent start on that path. ::

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Trying Plexus products was the best decision I made for my health in 2015. Joining Plexus as a business was the best decision I made for our finances. It's a company like none other with products that people need. I am honored to be a part of it. I welcome you to join me.

Your Body Can Talk: How to Use Simple Muscle Testing to Learn What Your Body Knows and Needs : The Art and Application of Clinical Kinesiolo...

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9 Ways to Create Daily Bliss

Believe in yourself! "I AM" are the two most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.

Soooo does the salt need to be warm?? or the drink itself...are they talking like a teaspoon of lemon juice and salt or like a glass of lemonade type stuff??? Too many questions