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This is in West Virginia! An old guy does it! I learned that from some amazing social work students doing their community assesment presentation!! it tera alta? If thats right I deserve a fricken medal!

How do they work? The short answer is magic. The long answer involves ultra-thin, high-tech fabrics that absorb your pee + natural anti-odor and anti-microbial layers + machine-washable fabric that's soft as a unicorn's mane + life-changing freedom that comes from never having to wear a pantyliner ever again.

BIG Rainbow unicorn poop plushie happy drop pee kawaii humor plush toy kawaii pillow cushion by Plusheez on Etsy

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30 Ways to Make Unicorn Poop

There's just something fun, silly and downright awesome about making {and eating} Unicorn Poop in any form or shape!


Rainbow Unicorn Party Printables

Super cute free printable soda bottle labels for your fun rainbow unicorn party. Unicorn pee and unicorn tears (shown) also includes liquid narwhal. Yummy! Browse now.

Clarasage Unicorn Pee Lip Balm with Shimmer Magic & Cocoa Butter - 98% Organic by clarasage on Etsy

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Color-changing showerhead: Shower yourself in rainbows