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Princesses d' Afrique Christine Palluy llustrations : Anja Klauss, Aline Bureau, Pierre Mornet, Sophie Lebot, Sybile, Judith Gueyfier-Gegat, Anja Klauss Les plus belles princesses d'Afrique vous emmènent pour un grand voyage ! Sept contes merveilleux, sept princesses au destin étonnant, pour rêver et pour découvrir les richesses du continent africain.

The Princess Who Lost Her Hair: An Akamba Legend (Legends of the World) by Tololwa M. Mollel - to cover African folktales, reviewers also said this helps cover the concept of kindness and weather (drought). HAVE

This is one of my favorites. The paintings are beautiful. The story is simple but really shows how different life can be across the world. The author/artist traveled to Zimbabwe and came back with this book. How inspiring.

Sprouts Bookshelf: The Matatu by Eric Walters - a traditional Kenyan tale is framed by a family story in this lively story perfect for older readers. An authentic addition to any story unit about countries in Africa.