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Instructional coach Crystal Midlik describes how she help a teacher reflect on her practice through video recording, through the following steps: 1. A relationship built on trust is a MUST! 2. Ask the teacher about her preferred area of focus. 3. Schedule a time to record the lesson. 4. Share the video. 5. Allow time for viewing and reflection. 6. Hold a coaching conversation with the teacher to discuss the video. You can follow these steps on too!

Running Record Calculator | A great time saver app for teachers to conduct running records. Check out the detailed features!

FREE! Print out this simple, yet effective form to help your substitute document their time spent in your class. This quick reference sheet will note a variety of management issues, concerns, or suggestions that the classroom teacher should be made aware of during their time away.

Would love to have something like this the next time I have SPED kids in my class.

from Minds in Bloom

20 Teacher End of the Year Reflection Questions

20 Teacher End of the Year Reflection Questions - what a great idea! I mean, not like I need something else to do, but it's smart to have a time of introspection at the end of the year.


The Ten-Minute Inservice

Math Coachs Corner: The Ten-Minute Inservice. A step-by-step guide for improving teacher effectiveness. A must for every administrator, instructional coach, and teacher!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Classroom Newsletter Templates: Chalkboard Style

Teacher time saver: Chalkboard-themed classroom newsletter templates. Quick and easy to customize!

How To Coach Through The Stages Of Learning In 3 Simple Steps Infographic