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23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be

This is exactly why i dont let my baby cry! I know what she wants when she wants it!! Dont let othera bully you into letting ypur baby cry or "let her grow lungs"...this is proof that there is no need for that and that it does more harm!

This pamphlet has information on how to prevent flattening to one side of the baby's head caused by too much time resting on that side when sleeping or in the car seat.

Justin's message to all fathers: Having been part of the Kangaroo trial I feel that I have been part of this amazing moment that I would never have otherwise been able to begin to imagine.  Having my just born baby strapped to me was nerve racking at first but then became a surreal experience.  I had a small inclination as to what mothers feel in pregnancy as you can feel her motions so close to your body.  I would recommend and encourage all fathers to be involved in this way.