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positioning for infants 101 to encourage gross motor development and limit flattening the head: alternate end of crib and changing table, lots of tummy time, limited use of bouncy seats and swings, alternate which hip you carry the baby on

Newborn Baby development tips and advice. Baby and infant help through Certified baby instruction, The Power of Nurturing Care.

Best Baby Monitor App -- Turns my iPhone and iPad mini into a video monitor. Works 10x better than the video monitor that cost 10x more.

This pamphlet has information on how to prevent flattening to one side of the baby's head caused by too much time resting on that side when sleeping or in the car seat.

This is an excellent description of skin to skin holding of premature babies but also good for all babies and parents

Participate in at least one activity/cause, like March of Dimes, for premature babies.

The 5 Best Board Games for Young Children...and why you should play them

The 5 Best Board Games for Young Children…and why you should play them! Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.