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wolfmansgotnards: ladamademente: martiangrrrl: ladamademente Lawd jayzuz! Priceless! martiangrrrl In Devine we trust

As one by one The quick years pass From times account Away May all thy Birthdays Happy be As is this one Today.

Gudetama is a Japanese egg yolk character who feels existence is almost unbearable. How did it win so many Japanese hearts?

the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. • nature boy • nat king cole • david bowie . . . forever

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Vemos como Kelly O'Connor adapta parte de un collage en su fotografía dándole impresión a la imagen.

Not much is known about Vivian Maier’s life, but what we do know speaks volumes. Of French and Austro-Hungarian descent, Vivian bounced back and forth between Europe and the United States before finally settling in Chicago, where she lived for most of the remainder of her life. She made a modest living as a nanny, and was so adored by the children she cared for that she was taken in by three of them in her later years. Her free-time was passed behind a camera lens, where she spent hours