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Cold Symptoms - Fight a Cold with Chicken Soup

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Don't burn yourself lighting hard to reach candles. Instead, light an uncooked piece of spaghetti and use that to light the candle!

Kitchen Cleaning - Clean Wooden Cutting Boards Naturally

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Dr. Oz’s May Diet	 A liquid dinner, however, is easier to break down and moves more quickly through your digestive tract.

Jenny's Cold-and-Flu-Fighting Super Soup: Soup expert Jenny Levison traveled the globe in search of the best immunity-boosting ingredients for this cold-and-flu-fighting.

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How to Save Flip-Flops with Split Holes. Use bread clips to save flip-flops with split holes.

Ailments, Illnesses and Injuries - Relieve Pain from Injections with a Used Tea Bag

These amazing tips will help you handle every area of your health issues. You can find everything from great ways to get in shape to simple solutions for pain.

Insects - For a Natural Moth Deterrent, Use Dried Lemon Peels

Whatever type of pest and rodents you are dealing with, you’ll find help here. Use some of these tips to keep ants, wasps, mice, and other unwanted creatures away from you.