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vintage Philadelphia map necklace pendant,resin pendants,map charm jewelry,map pendant charm,Pennsylvania- M1217CP. $11.95 USD, via Etsy.

Serbia map pendant, Montenegro map necklace pendant,Kosovo map jewelry pendants,map pendant charm- M5801CP

Handmade Quote Necklace with "We are all Made of Stars" Glass Pendant

Why not become a rising new star celebrity? Pink Goddesses united! High-Healed Priestesses are back.

GALAXY PENDANT Star Necklace Blue Cream Red Star Pendant Galaxy Necklace Geek Jewelry Astronomy Pendant Chain Included 25mm. $14.45, via Etsy.

Raven & Moon Jewelry GaelSong Exclusive! Raven soars above the nighttime forest, a silhouette passing across the moon. Copper and silver bracelet carries the story of the passage of time, the moon shifting from crescent to full and back again, the raven journeying outward and returning home. Handmade of recycled copper and reclaimed silver; patina will vary with each bracelet. 7" long. Coordinating earrings feature a labradorite bead. Handmade in USA by Ildanach Studios.