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This coffee should be illegal it's so good

“I hope you smiled today! If not, do it now! YAY☺️ Think Happy Thoughts! A new video will be going live this Sunday make sure you are all caught up! Have a…”

New additions to the office. Left by @ambivalentlyyours right by Lu Peirera. [Picture of three pieces of art hung on a white wall. Letter sized print on left all in pink has a face with the words "be still my ambivalent heart" two small pastel water colours matted in white water colour paper on right]

Got a seawitch zine haul from @clementinemorrigan today. Thank you Clementine! . . . . [photo of four small black and white zines laying on top of each other on a desk next to a keyboard. The two that are visible say "seawitch" on them. One has a picture of a unicorn with a mermaid tail and the other has a mermaid with legs. ]

#hospitalglam [photo of Renée posing on an examination table in a doctor's office. They are wearing a hospital gown.]

#medaesthetic [Picture of Renée sitting in a hospital waiting room next to a bookshelf full of folded hospital gowns. Renée is wearing black jeans black boots and a hospital gown and their legs are crossed.]

Come at me 2017. [selfie of Renée looking bomb as hell with blue pixie cut hair clear plastic rimmed glasses strong brows a black plastic choker and a black cowl-neck sweater]

Thank you @ianyoxontoons and @yoxemma!! Love you both! [photo of a card with a hand drawn piece of cake with a candle in it. Text says "Happy Birthday Renée"]

I ordered these emoji stickers so long ago and they finally came but now the OS has updated and all the emojis look different! [photo of a hand holding up a pack of emoji stickers]

#only90skidswillremember [photo of a closeup of a sticker of the gun emoji]