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It's me your friendly neighbourhood voice teacher. (I always feel bad for my 9am students) [photo of a mirror selfie of @reneeyoxon wearing a long grey cardigan over a long black shirt and green pants with a long gold necklace. They have a grumpy face and they are standing in a small practice room.]

In case you're wondering wear I've been [img descr: a computer keyboard and a piano keyboard in front of a computer monitor with sheet music on it]

#roomies [selfie of @reneeyoxon and @clairedvl smiling with a saxophone]

Off we go [photo of a rainy grey airplane landing strip]

Just your average Saturday night [photo four tarot cards and incense on a table in front of a bookshelf]

How to spend four hours in a clinic and leave with a smile on your face: bring a friend! Thanks so much to Averil for being the best darn friend/medical advocate [photo of a selfie of two people with big smiles. Renée on the left has a grey scarf clear plastic rimmed glasses and short brows hair Averil on the right has brown rimmed glasses and a big fuzzy hood]

Look at this loveable bunch! [photo of forty people all dressed in black making silly faces]

Choir boys: "let's take a picture!" // Choir girls: "let's take a picture!" // Me and Max: "I guess we should also take a picture." [photo of two people with short brown hair wearing black collared shirts jackets and red bow ties]