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This coffee should be illegal it's so good

from Jon Urbana

Pic: Caught grammin’

Pic: Caught grammin

Good morning! [photo of a white plate with a pancake covered in apples and nuts with cheese on the side and a mug of tea]

Thank you to @brownboilovely for sending me this beautiful and intimate zine. I will cherish it!

Casually cosplaying Bebop from TMNT [two photos side by side. Left: a person (@reneeyoxon) with short brown hair long on top shaved on the sides clear framed glasses and a septum ring. Right: Bebop from TMNT an anthropomorphized pig with a purple hawk hairstyle purple glasses and a nose ring.]

Things to let go of [photo of grey arrows that say "need for certainty comparison exhaustion as a status symbol productivity as self-worth anxiety as a lifestyle self doubt 'supposed to'"]

This will always be my favourite garbage pedagogy illustration. [photo of an illustrated person with vocal cords covering their torsos. The title says "Body as an extension of vocal cords"]

New hair new me [photo of a smiling person (@reneeyoxon) with short brown hair shaved on the side longer on the top wearing a real sweater over a white and purple buttoned up shirt.]

First counselling services appointment today. Wish me luck! #therapyselfie #hospitalglam [selfie of a person with short brown hair and a grey cowl-neck dress sitting in a waiting room with yellow walls]