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A row of Turkish Orange Eggplants bearing trusses of lovely, green-streaked little fruits. I was lucky to find a plant on clearance this year for only one dollar at a local nursery. I won't get much eggplant from just the one plant, but I'll get plenty of seeds to start as many as I want next year!

from UT Market Garden Project

‘maters galore!

Lovely sliced Ananas Noire heirloom tomato. (I can't wait until the one I'm growing gets big enough for me to start sinking my teeth into a few of these lovelies! The flavor is supposed to be sophisticated and delish - the words "smoky" and "citrusy" come up in most descriptions I've read. We'll see. They're certainly candy for the eyes, at any rate!)

Purslane has a bit of a mild sweet-sour taste. All parts of the plant are edible but make sure if you are wild harvesting make sure that you wash it well (it does grow on the ground) and it has not been sprayed with any pesticides or fertilizer.

'Kyoto Red' Japanese heirloom carrot seeds available from kitazawa seed company and maybe also territorial seed company. I've grown "Atomic Red" heirloom carrots two years in a row and they're alright, but the flavor could be much better. Supposedly these are tender and sweet, so I'll try them next year instead.

This beautiful tuber from the Andes mountains is starting to become a trendy specialty crop. It is productive, has almost no diseases or pests outside its native range, and they are actually very easy to grow if you live in a temperate climate and grow certain varieties. In cold climates, they may need to be replanted annually, like garlic or potatoes. Oca makes a great addition to any vegetable or Forest Garden.

Eggplant, Turkish Orange: Native to Turkey, this heirloom variety is a favorite of Italian gardeners and chefs. The petite 18-22 plants produce abundant yields of round, red-orange 3 fruit. Eat when the fruits are young and in the green stage. Once orange, the fruits are excellent for stuffing. 65-85 days from transplant. Insect-resistant.