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Accounting desk, and a partial view of Meghan's desk. Chaosium office.

Esoteric tome, or giant dictionary? Both contain archaic knowledge. Life at Chaosium.

Jack is part of the Chaosium security force. #cthulhudog #dogsoflovecraft

Which Chaosium member is featured in this photo?

Fearsome Dax, the most ferocious of the Chaosium security crew!

Meghan tames one of the Chaosium #cthulhudogs while Nick works on an upcoming project.


Chaosium Warehouse. Hayward, California. #callofcthulhu

The first day all of the Chaosium Crew is in the same building (let alone state or country) is a day that deserves donuts. #publishing

Our local printer, located in Oakland Ca, not too far from the old Chaosium headquarters.

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