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Explore Chaosium Office Life, Meghan and more!

Accounting desk, and a partial view of Meghan's desk. Chaosium office.

Fearsome Dax, the most ferocious of the Chaosium security crew!

Brains! Brains! Have you ever won the coveted brain case at Gen Con?

Our local printer, located in Oakland Ca, not too far from the old Chaosium headquarters.

The first day all of the Chaosium Crew is in the same building (let alone state or country) is a day that deserves donuts. #publishing

We met Cthulhu during a chaosium field trip to the Monterey bay aquarium

Spike the #cthulhudog is hard at work.

Which Chaosium member is featured in this photo?

Part of the art direction process for an upcoming publication. #books #callofcthulhu