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See you really don't need meat to get protein! Vegetable and grain protein is much better for your body and has lots of other vitamins along with it!

Humanism and real solutions are what we all need

from Vegan Richa

Pumpkin Wheat Bread Loaf. Vegan Recipe

Plant-based protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin sources. (except bread / molasses — might as well just eat meat — and ignore the thing about cholesterol ... there is heavy debate about whether dietary cholesterol causes heart disease or if it's sugar) @fiance9

from Namely Marly

10 Ways to Be Vegan: The Options for Veganism

Being vegan is more than just one restrictive way of living. If you think being 100% vegan (if that really was possible anyway) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is too have options!! Consider these 10 ways to be Vegan and decide which one might work for you!

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23 Vegan Meals With Tons Of Protein

Need this in my life. Im not a huge meat eater but always looking for ways to get my protein in!!

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Earth Manipulation

The ability to create pure energy or summon it from one's surroundings and use its force. Earth power.

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