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Roza Georgiyevna Shanina 1944 Soviet sniper during World War II, credited with 54 confirmed kills. Praised for her shooting accuracy, Shanina was capable of firing precise semi-automatic shots on moving enemy targets.She volunteered to serve as a marksman on the front line.

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Photos: The Pacific and Adjacent Theaters in WWII

Description of November 12, 1944: U.S. medics are seen as they treat wounded comrades at an portable surgical unit during the 36th Division's drive on Pinwe, Burma. (AP Photo)

Historic Tuskegee Airmen - My Cousin Henry J. Pollard was an extraordinary Man who defined and lived the word Courage.

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15 badass women of World War II you didn't learn about in history class.

15 badass women of World War II, Violette Szabo, Allied Spy wreaked havoc against Nazis in France until she was caught and died in Ravensbruck

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World War II: Women at War

A French man and woman fight with captured German weapons as both civilians and members of the French Forces of the Interior took the fight to the Germans, in Paris in August of 1944, prior to the surrender of German forces and the Liberation of Paris on August 25. (AP Photo)

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War and Conflict World War Two. Far East. pic: circa 1944. Burma. An American liason officer with the Chinese 38th Division makes friends with a small boy.

War and Conflict, World War Two, Far East, pic: circa 1944, Burma, An American liason officer with the Chinese 38th Division makes friends with a small boy (Photo by Paul Popper/Popperfoto/Getty Images)

A Luftwaffe General smiling and probably giving advices to a young soldier ( a boy soldier i say) while he's training with hand grenades. January 1945