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Plan 73351HS: High End Style

Cold outside. Cozy inside. Architectural Designs Exclusive House Plan 73351HS. 4+ beds and 2,800+ square feet. Ready when you are. Where do YOU want to build?

my handwriting has been improving, it’s not perfect but it’s definitely a major improvement compared to a few months ago. Also, this is what my simple bullet journal looks like.

We challenge you to be creative in the way you donate and give of your time and talents. Raise support by running a marathon, creating 24 paintings in 24 hours, skipping your morning coffee, hosting a pingpong competition. Whatever it may be, your voice and donation matters.

This infographic offers 33 tips to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is at all-star status.

33 LinkedIn Tips In 140 Characters Or Less – #infographic #socialmedia

Hi! this is a blog where I post my drawings! I hope to improve and make all of you proud! I do draw...

Star Wars Hyperdrive Mural ~ Geeky Home Decor!

5 Minutes to a More Productive day (TODAY) Got 5 minutes? Here's a few SIMPLE steps that you can do RIGHT now - to get more done today. This will take you 5 minutes or less and might make a huge difference in your day. Why not give it a shot?

Managers seeking to increase performance with effective feedback should incorporate these 21 components into their feedback processes.