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Sometimes I like to do very abstract animals. In this case, a cat. This is one of my more fun watercolors. I think it captured a bit of the wild and crazy life of our kitties. It's has been sold.

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Ben & Jerry’s is going GMO-free

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Sweet Sparks: 16 Creative and Easy S'Mores Variations #Infographic #Food

Sweet Sparks: 16 Creative and Easy S'Mores Variations #Infographic

Sweet Sparks: 16 Creative and Easy S'Mores Variations #Infographic #Food

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Loaded Chicken Salad

Why have I never made this?! Loaded Chicken Salad- all of the things you top baked potato with mixed in creamy chicken salad for the most delicious lunch you have ever had!! It is filled with cheese, bacon, chives, and a secret ingredient!!

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Top 10 Amazing Things You Can Experience In Kenya

Mercado Maasai. Ethnic artisanal craft work, beading,weaving,paint. The amazing hand work of native peoples no matter where. Sometimes made out of mundane objects, made to look exceptional. K.S

Check out those huge paws! I think it's a lynx. I think Bobcat's have tufts IN their ears not on them. ????Don't really care,just look at those huge paws! ..... Paws are huge, it is Canada lynx, and according to the coat color.

She talked to God daily and that is what made her lovely There’s power in conversation with God, there's power in being intimate with God. That’s where I want to get you to. I want you to have an intimate relationship with God because there is trust, assurance, a knowing or sorts, that whatever His answers may be to your plans, they are good. So good.

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Remembering Fun, Dangerous, and Sometimes Deadly Toys

When I had my appendix out in 4th grade we made these in the hospital. For my 3 or 4 day stay. Now if you have your appendix out you can leave the same day! Progress

(KO) Learning to walk on all fours. If he could just get them all going in the same direction at once he'd have it made. Hang in there fuzzy, you'll be up and running in no time!

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Pavlova Cake Roll

Pavlova Cake Roll Recipe – light and airy cake roll, filled with rich cheesecake…