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Mary Leakey: Mary Leakey: Although her husband Louis was happy to take the credit, it was actually Mary who made many of the scientific discoveries, including the "Zinjanthropus" fossil, that made them famous. She went on to establish her own world-renowned reputation, especially when her team located the fossilized footprints made by a couple of bipedal hominids in East Africa that proved that humans were walking upright over 3.5 million years ago.

11 Things I'd Rather Do than Side Hustle

I'm all about side hustling, trust me! But lately, there are about a million other things I'd rather do than side hustle. Here are 11 of them :) And don't worry, if you are just trying to get started with side hustling, I have a good amount of resources for you in this post, too!

Hall of Fame News: Brandon University 2016 Wall of Fame Inductees Announced The Brandon University Athletics department hasannouncedtheir their 2016 Wall of Fame inductees whichincludes seven individuals including three from basketball and one basketball team. The 2016 induction class includes: Keith VassellAthlete: Basketball (1991-1996) Shawn GrayAthlete: Basketball (1993-1998) Mike McEwenAthlete: Curling (2002-2003) Kerri Hayhurst (Robertson)Athlete: Basketball (1991-1994) Allan…