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The Last Leaf - Artist Kass Copeland | Mixed media assemblage - Discarded chair, dresser drawer, secondhand jewelry, metal jewelry tree, wood cutouts

Artist Combines Paintings Found in Flea Markets to Form Extraordinary Fictional Landscapes

Artist J.Frede's creative journey begins at a local flea market. By placing the works side-by-side and aligning them in an abstract, varied fashion, the artist manages to create new landscapes that span across decades and locations.

Dynamic Sculptural Landscapes Constructed Within Glass Aquariums

Forest Aquariums fo Mariele Neudecker via mymodernmet: Dynamic Sculptural Landscapes Constructed Within Glass Aquariums. #Aquarium #Landscape

Oakland-based artist Gabriel Schama creates precisely layered wood relief sculptures that are a delight to explore. Each 1/8 inch piece of laser-cut mahogany plywood stacks into an exquisite union of overlapping geometry in mandala-like forms. Recently, Schama has been placing these patterns within human silhouettes for a striking contrast.

The Story Behind Those Jaw-Dropping Photos of the Collections at the Natural History Museum

Feather identification expert Roxie Laybourne stands surrounded by colorful birds. This image took roughly eight hours to set up. (Chip Clark, SI)

Interesting to use cubes. What about having a different fact on each cube side, like one side has the face, other side has dates, other side has occupation... etc. Then cubes could be set to all show the same side - such as faces. And each person's cube could be picked up and turned to view all the sides... julie chen family tree