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The Celtic Harp is probably the oldest of all stringed instruments and has been played in Ireland since ancient times. It has been used extensively as the emblem of Ireland. It is used by the Irish government and by Guinness our national drink. This piece is 24″ high by 15″ wide and weighs approximately 800 grammes.

Clavicytherium Date: mid-18th century Geography: Germany? Medium: Wood, various materials Clavicytheria, or upright harpsichords, were made as early as the 15th century, but tall examples such as this date from the late Baroque era. Having 2 sets of doors that conceal the strings, the case appears ungainly when open, but when closed it has a graceful outline embellished by gilded “wings” and stops control 2 sets of strings. The MET

Have you ever wondered what a Hurdy Gurdy looks like?

Name HURDY GURDY Classification Chordophones 'Other name' Entry name: Hurdy gurdy Vernacular: Viele la roux Vernacular: Vielle a Roue 'Culture group' French 'Culture group place' France Description: Ovoid wood body, flat face, rounded back. Raised integral neck with 6 strings 10 ivory stops braid carry strap metal swing handle at base. 'Associated date' Approx. 19th century AD popularity

Dital harp. England, U.K. In this harp lute design, the instrument is held somewhat like a guitar and the stops are worked by the player’s thumb, as distinguished from stops worked by the feet in a full-size concert harp.(Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.) omgthatartifact: tomfury: