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How Facebook Pages Communicate with Fans (infographic for hospitality industry)

Companies here they need a presence on social media, many set-up accounts but have no clue on what to do to build engagement.

How Celebrity Appearances at CES Backfired [INFOGRAPHIC]

2012 Oxford + NMincite Infographic: What happened at CES?

The European Commission and the European Council, the executive and strategic arms of the European Union, have already approved #ACTA. On February 22 the Commission referred the agreement to the European Court of Justice for legal guidance on whether it is compatible with existing treaties, the acquis communautaire and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. This is expected to delay the European Parliament’s vote on ACTA until around September. #infographic

Infographic: ACTA in EU Parliament

25 herramientas impresionantes para Redes Sociales #infografia #infographic #socialmedia

Como ingresar tu identificación en las redes sociales

25 Awesome Social Media Monitoring Tools Your Brand Should Be Using. Is your Brand listening and conversation with the audience or are they just giving information.

Is this why I have so many vices?  The Good And Bad Habits Of Smart Successful People

The Habits of the World's Smartest People (Infographic) You don't have to be a genius to act like one. Pick up some of these habits of people with high IQs.

Management : Online Marketing News: Train Employees to be Social Update Talent Management B

Business and management infographic & data visualisation Online Marketing News: Train Employees to be Social, Update Talent Management, B.

How To Get People To Your Website Using Proven Growth Hacking Strategies #infographic #SocialMedia

How To Get People To Your Website Using Proven Growth Hacking Strategies #infographic

Infographic | Infographic as a conversion landing page?

Everyone loves an infographic, but can they be used to not just get you views, but get your viewers converting by clicking-thru? An infographic about Infographics!