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Polygons ZAP Math Game

Polygons ZAP $ gr 4-7

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Geometry Stations Maze Activity Bundle

This is a bundle of stations maze activities that could be used as end of unit reviews. Eight maze activities are included. The links below show each of the individual product descriptions.1) Angles in Triangles Stations Maze Activity2) Similarity and Proportions Stations Maze Activity3) Right Triangles Stations Maze Activity4) Quadrilaterals Stations Maze Activity5) Geometric Transformations Stations Maze Activity6) Angles and Arcs in Circles Stations Maze Activity7) Area and Perim...

Math Terms: Key Terms for State Tests by HappyEdugator | Teachers Pay Teachers

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Test Prep Pre Algebra Equations Pythagorean Theorem ZOMBIE Bundle

Bundled Savings! Pre Algebra Topics: Multi Step Equations. Pythagorean Theorem and Converse. Task Cards. Differentiated Resources. Assessments. 18 Common Core Math Standards are covered with this ZOMBIE bundle! Save over 20%, rather than buying each resource separately! My students and I LOVE zombies, and this bundle is engaging, fun, and rigorous. Test prep and review can actually be fun! These are my top selling, top-rated resources!

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Solving Equations - Balance the Scale, Part 2

Solving Equations - Balance the Scale, Part 2Now that youve worked with the idea of balancing a scale, its time to extend this idea into using variables for each scale. You want students to see that the values of x and y will change possibly for each equation.

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Calendar Math-Huge Bundle- Task Cards, Activity Sheets, Writing, much much more

Calendar Math- with printables and task cards!!

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Solving Equations

Solving Equations - Lets Go ShoppingPart 2Keep all the materials youve used for Lets Go ShoppingPart 1 for the second part of this activity.This time, divide the class into pairs and give them some play money to spend--$5.00 or $10.00 might be a good budget.